Friday, April 9, 2010

Neighborhood Association Nominations Tuesday April 13

This month we will be nominating officers for the Neighborhood Association Leadership. The meeting will be at 919 Manila St. Nashville TN 37206 at 6pm. Bring a friend, bring a neighbor!! Hope to see you there!

Below is a brief job description for the positions in the neighborhood association.

The president of GNA would conduct the monthly meetings, attend community meetings and events, attend the GNA board meetings, approve and sign all outgoing correspondence on behalf of GNA, serve as spokesperson for GNA, etc.

The secretary will take the minutes at all meetings for GNA, read the minutes and the next meeting. Read any correspondence sent to the GNA at the meetings.

The treasurer would collect monthly donations, make bank deposits, reconcile bank statements, provide financial report at the monthly meetings and the board meetings. obtain approval from the board members and/ or by majority vote by the GNA members to distribute any funds.