Thursday, September 11, 2008

Letter from the Neighborhood Association President

Hello Neighbor,

As many of you are aware, we experienced a tragedy in our community last month. Our sympathy goes out to the family of our neighbor, Pierre Colas, and his sister, Marie Colas (who was visiting Nashville). We are not sure why the McFerrin Avenue resident was targeted, but we need to be careful of our surroundings.

We want to thank everyone who participated in the memorial services—and we want to take this opportunity to offer some safety tips:
  • Increase lighting around your house or yard
  • Check locks on doors and check alarm systems
  • Cut unnecessary shrubs and bushes to prevent someone from hiding behind them
  • Learn all emergency numbers:
911 for emergency police, fire and rescue
862-8600 for non-emergency police
244-DOPE (244-3673) for drug activity
  • Make sure your house numbers can be seen clearly from the street
  • Notice strangers on your street—especially strangers checking out every house
  • Get to know your neighbors, their habits or changes in habits—without being intrusive
  • Come to Greenwood Neighborhood meetings each month—we usually have representatives from the police department, public works, health department or other government agencies.
James Jenkins
Greenwood Neighborhood Association

Greenwood Neighborhood Association meets every second Tuesday at 6:00 pm
919 Manila St (near the corner of McFerrin Avenue and Sharpe Avenue) map